helicopter view.

20 Oct, 2017

Real estate — the 2030 view

Real estate — the 2030 view

We are building buildings into a technological future that we have no idea what it will look like.

Key influences:

  • The sharing/collaborative economy
  • Technology/data management — greater transparency
  • Urbanization
  • We are moving from smart offices to smart cities and megacities

2030 state:

  • Real estate as a mainstream customer-centric industry
  • Value shift towards operational management of real estate
  • More integration/overlap of real estate sectors
  • New dominant group of «place curators»
  • Simplified ownership/management structures
  • Transformation in valuation methodologies
  • Health, wellbeing, sustainability merge as a key driver of real estate value


Key trends:

  • The urban consumers
  • Change to live/work balance
  • Reducing car ownership
  • Ageing population

2030 state:

  • Higher density
  • More vibrant and live able urban environments, combining live, work, and play
  • New growth: health care assisted living

We start seeing a different attitude to size and space. Micro-living is coming. Shared ownership, equity release and retirement living are ripe for opportunity


Key trends:

  • Connectivity
  • More collaborative working practices
  • Artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality

2030 state:

  • On demand and use of space leasing
  • Offices as high-spec «imaginariums»
  • Localized work-hubs/satellite offices
  • Fewer single-let buildings as corporate requirements become more fluid
  • Domination of share/serviced offices

More people work from home. Companies will need less space and it will change the nature of offices fundamentally. It will make a lot of the current office stock obcolete.

Student housing/Learn

Key trends:

  • Technology — distributed learning
  • Demographic — changing career plans/lifestyles
  • Growing importance of social and collaboration skills

2030 state:

  • Reduction in demand for on-campus, year-long students accommodation
  • Declining perception in value of university degree
  • Increase apprenticeship schemes
  • More mature students

Student accommodation is pretty «cooked» in most places. Now you have to get it right

Retail and logistic/ Play

Key trends:

  • E-commerce
  • Technology-driven enhancement of customers experience
  • Drones, 3-D Printing

2030 state:

  • Shopping centers as multi-faced communities that embrace broader lifestyle needs of communities
  • New asset class: urban consolidation hubs

With e-commerce we underestimate the extent to which the retail footprint will shrink. We are just phase of that

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