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04 Dec, 2017

Top International Sport and Wellness Trade Shows to Attend in 2018

Top International Sport and Wellness Trade Shows to Attend in 2018

ISPO (Munich, Germany, 28−31 January) more than 2700 exhibitors will be presenting their latest sports products from segments such as Snowsports, Outdoor, Health & Fitness, Urban and Teamsports at the Messe München exhibition grounds.

PERFORMANCE DAYS (Munich, Germany, 18−19 April) is functional fabric fair is the place to be twice a year for the sourcing of high performance functional fabrics and accessories. With 177 exhibitors from 24 nations, PERFORMANCE DAYS shows the latest trends in fabric development for the functional textile industry.

FIBO (Cologne, Germany, 12−15 April) the world’s biggest trade show for fitness, wellness and health worldwide attracted last April more than 150000 visitors and over 1000 exhibitors

RIMINIWELLNESS (Rimini, Italy, 31 May- 3 June) 268 120 visitors registered at the largest global event for fitness and well-being in 2017 with significant numbers from all over the world.

Eurobike (Friedrichshafen, Germany, 8−10 July) is an important industry meeting for all market participants in the bicycle industry from Asia, America and Europe for about 1350 exhibitors from 53 countries and 66600 visitors from 103 countries

DEMA (Las Vegas, USA, 14−17 November) is one of the only international trade fairs which is purely engaged in diving. On this event international exhibitors are representing the latest dive equipment and accessories.

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