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15 Sep, 2017

Top 5 Wine Trends Expected in 2017

Top 5 Wine Trends Expected in 2017

1. Generational Growth

The Millennials generation out-drank the Baby Boomer’s generation in 2016 from a long awaited prediction. Now that the entire generation is of age to drink, about 28% of millennials drink wine on a daily basis. That means the markets will target millennials and the wine they drink. Millennials won’t take the time to read how long the wine has aged. However, they will grab a bottle off the shelf if it has a graphic logo or catchy name. About 51% of millennial women said that they would prefer sustainably bottled, or organic wines.

2. Wine Slushies

In the summer of 2017, wine slushies were the perfect recipe to pin on Pinterest. All it takes is blending wine, fruit, and ice into a refreshing frozen drink.

3. Biodynamical Bottles

Biodynamic, organic and minimal intervention wines are up and coming. The process behind making biodynamic and natural wine follows the concept of «let the wine make itself». Biodynamic wines are made from a holistic point of view, where the process is natural and leaves the earth the way it was before. Grapes are grown with care all the way down to the soil. Natural wines are made with similar ingredients to biodynamic wines, but don’t require the holistic process of how the grapes are grown. Either way the «natural» wines are made, they are becoming a popular choice on the shelf.

4. Bourbon Barrel Wine

Bourbon barrel is a current trend. Adventurous wine drinkers are recommended to try it, which means more people is learning about this type of wine. The popularity of bourbon barrel wine is continuing to increase, and will definitely be a topic to talk about.

5. Drinking Out Vs. Drinking In

On-premise wine sales are on a decline, while off-premise wine sales are on an incline. People want to drink wine by the bottle at home, rather than spend a extra money on a glass of wine while they’re out. It’s not just the wine sales that are down, beer sales are down as well. So this could be something we will continue to see in 2017.

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