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19 May, 2019

10.7 million Americans Could Miss Work After The ‘Game of Thrones' Finale

10.7 million Americans Could Miss Work After The ‘Game of Thrones' Finale

An estimated 10.7 million Americans will skip work the morning after the feature-length series finale of the HBO juggernaut airs on Sunday night, according to The Workforce Institute at Kronos, either by calling in sick, taking a last-minute personal or vacation day, or making some other arrangement.

The think tank’s «Absence Is Coming» survey conducted by The Harris Poll questioned 1,090 adults about the long-awaited ending to the television adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s bestselling book series, and found that one-third plan to tune in to finally learn which ruler will end up on the Iron Throne, and about 22% plan to skip work Monday. The researchers then extrapolated that percentage to the 143.1 million employed U. S. adults, according to the 2010 Census, to come up with the 10.7 million figure. And 5.8 million employees who typically work Sunday nights also plan to use a vacation day, sick day or personal day to watch the finale live.

What’s more, the poll predicts that approximately 27.2 million people who plan to watch the «Game of Thrones» finale live will either miss work completely the next day, or arrive late, work remotely, be less productive than usual, or suffer some other impact on their work obligations come Monday. Indeed, fans across the globe have confessed to taking the day off already on Twitter.

This survey also estimated that watching the current season has affected the attendance and/or performance of 20.4 million employees, and that 35.8 million have wasted at least one hour of company time each week talking about, reading about or posting online about «Game of Thrones» since the final season premiered on April 14. After all, fans have been invested in the HBO series for the past decade — and in Martin’s novels for almost 23 years. And now their watch is almost ended.

While reviews of the final «Thrones» season have been mixed — with many longtime fans feeling burned by the two most recent episodes in particular and a Change.org petition calling on HBO to remake the final season with different writers drawing almost 400,000 signatures — «Thrones» is still posting record audience numbers.

So expect to see lots of physically and emotionally exhausted employees ‘dragon' themselves into work on Monday — if they come in at all.

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